About Matt

Matt is a recording artist and session drummer in Cumberland county Tennessee. He hit his first drum at the age of 9 at the encouragement of his parents and developed his talent and understanding of rhythm through formal musical training in school.

At the age of 11, Matt started playing weekly as a member of both adult and teen worship bands at his church. He played with these bands for 6 years until he moved away for college. At 14, Matt began touring local clubs with his punk rock band and made several stage appearances with other local groups.

In college, Matt played drums for a traveling worship team before meeting fellow musicians: Vic Avellino, David Talley, and Josh Masten. Together they formed the blues rock group Delta Groove, and played various clubs throughout the Springfield, MO area. Wanting to pursue a career as a full-time musician, Matt and the band moved to Nashville, TN, and renamed the group, Blindman’s Peace. Once in TN, Matt started making stage appearances at several notable venues in the Middle Tennessee area including the famed, Third and Lindsley, Cumberland County Playhouse, and historic Palace Theater.

In 2010, Matt was contracted as the drummer for Melissa Ellis, a rising musician from east Tennessee Bluegrass scene. This partnership eventually led to the musical duo getting married and relocating to Cumberland County, TN where they continue to write and play music together.

Matt continues to expand his music experience through teaching, drumming, and recording for various artists. He is available for session work, individual lessons and drum clinics.